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Posted by: Allan Webb

Posted on: 6.30PM, 12th Aug 2004

Location: Alexandria, Va


Nice website. Your namesake.


Posted by: Philip Stevens

Posted on: 6.06PM, 22nd Mar 2004

Location: Birmingham UK


Interesting site, plenty of good images. Thanks for looking at my site ( Similar interests! Keep it going.


Posted by: Larry Powell

Posted on: 8.18PM, 15th Nov 2003

Location: Canada


Hi Allen Just visited your site for the first time, very impressive.I also do a little aviation photography over here in Canada, mainly at London Ontario drop me a line if you are interested in seeing some photos. Over here we see mainly U.S aircraft and the little that Canada has they had a nice F-18 show plane this year. Have a nice day Larry


Posted by: Chris Simpson

Posted on: 8.09PM, 13th Sep 2003

Location: Scotland


Hello you might remember me from the air show today i said i would visit the site and i did it is great. see ya


Posted by: ian robson

Posted on: 7.50AM, 13th Jun 2003

Location: Scotland


Excellent work, good site, well done.


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