2012 Flying Display

  • 1 Squadron Stand-up Ceremony


    RAF Leuchars Airshow, Saturday 15th September 2012: This year’s airshow featured an unusual item: the stand-up ceremony for No. 1 Fighter Squadron. The purpose of the ceremony was to mark the official re-forming of 1 Squadron at RAF Leuchars. The squadron is now equipped with the Typhoon FGR4. It is the fourth RAF Typhoon squadron, […]

  • Norwegian Air Force Historic Flight


    RAF Leuchars Airshow, Saturday 15th September 2012: The Norwegian Air Force Historic Flight, or Flyvåpenets Historiske Skvadron, appeared at Leuchars 2012 as a 3-ship display. Recent appearances at Leuchars include a solo display by Vampire T.55 LN-DHZ in 2010, and a 2-ship display by LN-DHZ and Vampire FB.6 SE-DXS in 2011. The Flight has recently […]

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