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  • Emirates A380

    To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the introduction of their regular service between Glasgow and Dubai, Emirates landed the world’s largest passenger aircraft in Glasgow. The Airbus A380-861 (s/n A6-EET) flew the EK27 route for a special visit, landing at 12.41pm. The pilot on this flight was Iain Weir, a local man from Clydebank. Iain […]

  • 1 Squadron Stand-up Ceremony

    RAF Leuchars Airshow, Saturday 15th September 2012: This year’s airshow featured an unusual item: the stand-up ceremony for No. 1 Fighter Squadron. The purpose of the ceremony was to mark the official re-forming of 1 Squadron at RAF Leuchars. The squadron is now equipped with the Typhoon FGR4. It is the fourth RAF Typhoon squadron, […]

  • 2012 Departures Part 2

    RAF Leuchars Airshow Departures Day, Sunday 16th September 2012: The weather for the weekend of the 2012 Leuchars Airshow had been very good up until this point. However, this being Scotland, rain is never far away, and when the weather did finally break, it did so in spectacular fashion. At around 13:00 the heavens opened, […]

  • 2012 Departures Part 1

    RAF Leuchars Airshow Departures Day, Sunday 16th September 2012: As a post script to the 2012 airshow, I went to Leuchars on the morning of Sunday 16th September to get some photos of the departing aircraft. Not all the aircraft leave immediately after the main airshow on the Saturday, and the Sunday can sometimes have […]

  • RAF Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1

    RAF Leuchars Airshow Practice Day, Friday 14th September 2012: The RAF’s Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1 has been a regular visitor to the Leuchars Airshow since I first attended in 2000. However, it’s always been on static display, and its only airborne appearance was a very brief “touch-and-go” flyby at the 2008 show.  So it was great […]

  • Norwegian Air Force Historic Flight

    RAF Leuchars Airshow, Saturday 15th September 2012: The Norwegian Air Force Historic Flight, or Flyvåpenets Historiske Skvadron, appeared at Leuchars 2012 as a 3-ship display. Recent appearances at Leuchars include a solo display by Vampire T.55 LN-DHZ in 2010, and a 2-ship display by LN-DHZ and Vampire FB.6 SE-DXS in 2011. The Flight has recently […]

  • Flying Display Aircraft On Static Display

    RAF Leuchars Airshow, Saturday 15th September 2012: The aircraft taking part in the flying display at Leuchars are usually parked at the west side of the airfield, well away from the main static aircraft display area. This allows them easy access to the runway for their displays. However, this arrangement makes it difficult to get […]

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